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Tbilisi recent comments:

  • ვარდების რევოლუციის პარკი Парк революции роз, vetal158 wrote 15 years ago:
  • Rustaveli State Theatre, Vady (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    Лучшая драматическай театральная сцена. С Великой историей.
  • International Black Sea University, IBSU (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    This is the best university in Georgia
  • Tbilisi Green School, Bob (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    Russian School #35
  • Vake park, Joshi (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    "Private house, residence"? It`s a recreational zone, for God`s sake.
  • School N: 2-nd Experimental, Caqtus (guest) wrote 15 years ago:
    ceeeeeeeeeemi skooola :2kiss: